BIG DEE is an awesome 8-piece Maine Band with a Great Repertoire of music. We play all kinds of events – weddings, college parties, fund-raisers, and any other event where you need a serious dance party. The group features a horn section, multiple vocalists, professional sound equipment, and an incredibly diverse musical selection.

The level of musicianship is very high in Big Dee. We prepare for every job by rehearsing the music we will be performing at the upcoming event. The BIG DEE audio samples provided were purposefully recorded in one take and were not edited in the studio. What you hear is completely authentic and “raw” – what you can expect for your event.

There are a core group of professional musicians that make up Big Dee, and these musicians are probably whom you will see at your function. But, sometimes we require a sub musician (due to a variety of reasons). While many bands would falter under these circumstances, Big Dee will not. The music for Big Dee is written out completely, and we have a number of professionals “on call” who can fill in and perform the music as required.

Currently, Big Dee has five lead vocalists – four male and one female vocalist – each of whom has a different quality about their voice. By alternating vocalists on the gig, we keep the band sounding fresh and interesting. Also, if one vocalist looses their voice on the job, we are still able to keep the party going strong all night long!

We provide a great mix of musical styles to entertain everyone, and our song list is always expanding! If you have special songs that are not on our list, we can transcribe and learn them. For weddings, if your “first-dance song” is not on our list, we will learn that one for free.

We own and provide top of the line sound equipment. This makes the sound clean and uniform. A professional sound technician keeps Big Dee at the perfect volume and balance. He also trouble-shoots any technical issues that could possible disrupt the party. All of our equipment is contained to our performing area – the sound technician mixes the band wirelessly with an ipad. We provide colored lights for the stage, so you get a band that looks good and is not in left in the dark.

BIG DEE Song ListBig Dee Song List Spring 2014